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​(un)revealed time

Echoes of time whisper through the landscape,

Each echo a silent dialogue with existence,

Creating a tranquility of time with profound density.

Silent, it is a reminiscent memory of the land.


Collaborating with the Textielmuseum, the piece intertwines the history of Tilburg with the intricate patterns of damask.

Through observation and deconstruction of archival damask patterns, the piece reconstructs the essence of time itself. It is an internal journey through imperceptible atmospheres, beyond the present and physical matter. Layers of weave represent layers of time. The act of uncovering and exposing is a transcendental experience, where the boundaries between past and present blur into a seamless continuum. Reminiscent of the land itself, the piece exposes numerous portals of contemplation, inviting viewers to traverse the vast expanse of time.




'A Matter of Life' at TextielMuseum, Tilburg, Netherlands

work : textile installation

date : 2024

technique : jacquard weave

​material : linen, mohair, paper

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