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Tomoyo Tsurumi is a textile designer-artist based in both Tokyo and London. With a foundation in textile design, she investigates the interactions and reactions between materials, people, and spaces, aiming to enhance sensory and contemplative experiences. She is dedicated to fostering a sense of community through her art, researching historical contexts and the ways time and people shape our environments.

Specializing in textiles, Tomoyo pushes the boundaries of weaving and its structures. Her experimentation with various materials is driven by an interest in the in-between spaces, where she researches methods to create atmospheric qualities that heighten sensory experiences. She believes that textile is a language which poetically weaves elements into momentary shapes that stimulate the senses, encouraging audiences to seek beyond the surface and expand their imagination.

Tomoyo emphasizes the importance of embracing moments in daily life, recognizing that the present is a culmination of past experiences and that the future is a continuous dialogue of the present. By manipulating architectural spaces with the fluidity of textiles, she activates sensorial experiences through subtle phenomena, seeking opportunities to feel the present moment and to inspire an appreciation of the present while honoring the past and looking forward to an evolving future.


2021-2023 - Royal College of Art MA Textiles

2018 - Tama Art University Textile Design Department

2016 - Gerrit Rietveld Academie (exchange programme)

Grants & Awards 

2023  - The Textile Society Student Bursaries

2023 Nomura Foundation Art & Culture Scholarship

2022  - Pola Art Foundation

2018  - Tama Art University Honor Work for BA Textile Design Department 

2016,2017 - Tama Art University Honor Student Scholarship


Exhibitions & Residency

​2024 -  Exhibition 'A Matter of Life' at TextielMuseum, Tilburg, Netherlands

2024 -  Exhibition Pola Museum Annex 2024 'Commendation and intention'  

             at Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo, Japan.

2024 -  Art Fair Tokyo 2024 (represented by Pola Art Foundation)

2023 - Exhibition 'layered' at Gallery Stoop, Tokyo, Japan.

2023 - Advance Textile Program at TextielLab, TextielMuseum, Tilburg, Netherlands

2023 - absence of absolute -dialogue at teto- exhibition, London 

​2023 - Royal College of Art Final Show at Truman Brewery, London

2022  - Studio Aphorisma Residency Scholarship, Italy

2022  - Design Campus Dresde 

2022  - Experiemental Studio: Jacquard, Textile Center Haslach, Austria

2021  - 'yuhl' collaborative work exhibition at Base Milano, Milan Design Week



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